Padova is one of the most charming and dynamic towns in Italy. The historical centre boasts a wealth of medieval, renaissance and modern architecture; here a fascinating mix of historic and new, of centuries-old traditions and metropolitan rhythms creates a unique atmosphere. The medieval palaces, churches and cobbled streets emanate a sense of history and culture, the shops, markets and locals, a sparkling vitality and vibrant modern life.

The Scrovegni Chapel, a masterpiece in the history of painting in Italy and Europe in the 14th century, is considered to be the most complete series of frescoes executed by Giotto in his mature age. Colour and light, poetry and pathos. Man and God. The sense of nature and history, humanity and faith are mingled in narrating the stories of the Virgin Mary and Christ in a unique way.

Programme of activities: 

- High speed AV train tickets from Venice Santa Lucia railway station to Padova railway station and return (or private bus service one way and return)

- a two hours morning walking tour of Padova (piazza delle Erbe, piazza della Frutta, palazzo della Ragione) with entrance to the Scrovegni chapel

- lunch in a typical restaurant 

- a two hour afternoon walking tour of Padova (Saint Anthony’s Basilica, Prato della Valle)

euro 160 per person (with a minimum of 2 participants)

For info and booking, please, write at info@secretvenice.it


One day in Padova from Venice