Networking, socializing and getting to know each other better: these are only a few results of a team building activity. In fact, it also motivates employees, promotes creativity, breaks the barrier and enable better relationships and ultimately productivity. At Passeggiate Italiane we know how much employees are important for a company: they are the most valued asset!

That’s why we organize tailor made activities all over Italy, even if we are specialized in treasure hunts: the city will be discovered together with the different clues of the hunt! 

Choose the scenery of the main italian cities or even smaller and lovely villages, we guarantee personalized itineraries, excellent guides, prizes for all the participants and a lot of fun! Organize a funny and involving event and employees will have good memories for years!

We offer complete packages including transfers, accommodation, meetings, restaurants and whatever you need.

For instance:

Treasure hunt in the historic centre of Rome, the eternal city.

Discover the history and mysterious, hidden, details during this treasure hunt that takes place in the most beautiful squares of Rome, right in the heart of the city. You will learn about strange reliefs, old legends, famous roman poets and much more!

The prize for this game will be really precious!


Treasure hunt at a medieval castle in northern Italy

Mysteries and enigmas to be discovered during a game at a medieval castle.

The atmosphere will be perfect to involve all participants in this game. Once closed outside the park of the castle, they will have to find all the clues to be able to open the gate and become free again!

A dark maze, a garden with stinging roses, bridges and mysterious paths will be the scenery for this scary treasure hunt, with the ancient castle that always towers above the park.

 The game will be played in the evening, when the the park is enveloped by the darkness . Participants could play in small teams or also individually.

At the end of the game, a wonderful banquet will be prepared at the castle, to taste typical dishes of the italian tradition in a suggestive place.


Photography contest in Venice

Explore the hidden streets of Venice and discover beautiful courtyards and squares. Take thematic photos with the help of a professional photographer. You will be judged by our expert panel and receive your prize directly form them. 


Treasure hunt in Venice

Culture, curious things and fun clues will take you to explore this unique city and arrive to know many things about it. A ride on a motorboat, a particular view of Venice, a clue to be revealed… At the end you will find your treasure!


Carnival mask

Decorate your own Carnival Mask and the most beautiful will win a prize. Our expert panel will judge you and your skill in decorating!


Murano glass

After a motorboat ride to the island of Murano, visit the glass factory and try to decorate an object using true glass beads and mosaico pieces. The best decoration will win a prize after having passed the judgement of our expert panel!



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Team building in Italy