Autumn could be the right time to visit Venice. The city introduces herself at Santa Lucia railway station with an open view over the Grand Canal.

The smaller canals and the typical “campi”, squares with the unmissable well in the middle, look sparkling thanks to the rain fallen on the grey stones called “masegni”.

The reflections in the water could be the theme of your trip.

Palaces and churches, with their facades in white Pietra d’Istria, reveal the dark and mysterious face of Venice, that is a very important aspect, usually hidden by the mass tourism attractions’. You could discover a secret Venice, just strolling around.

Like many say, Venice is beautiful at whatever time of day and in any moment, even with fog that is usual in November. Or with high water.

You could walk on raised platforms above flood waters in Piazza San Marco to cross the square and reach Saint Mark’s Basilica.

But it would be better to wear a pair of fancy rain boots!

The impressive sight of the pink facade of the Doge’s palace reflected in the water is unmissable like the view of the whole square flooded by the water.

Tha floor becomes a mirror of beauty and charm.

And the high bell tower seems to look at the square, graciously. It is called the “Paron de casa”, the


You could also need a hat or a tabarro ( a venetian cape) to repair from cold and rain, traditional shops offer a large variety of choice!

The dark red facades, the brown bricks, the white stones, a symphony of colors and lights played by the great city of Venice. To enchant people, travelers, its own citizens who never stop to admire it everyday, with new and surprised eyes.

High water in Venice