The secrets of the Grand Canal
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Behind the windows of the palaces on the Grand Canal, the most prestigious and important in Venice, lie the hidden legends, mysteries, curiosities, plots and passions of the Serenissima. Over the centuries, the thousand-year old history of the Republic unfurled within these rooms. At their balconies have stood the most beautiful courtesans, the most highly acclaimed poets, the most astute rulers, the most prestigious guests, who have made Venice the legendary city that it is.

The book does not talk about famous legendary figures alone, but also about the magnificent buildings that have their own curious or extraordinary stories to tell, and which, despite the passing of time, are still here to tell them: stories like the one of the palace cut in half, or the palace that was never completed; of the building with the sculptures that describe a family tragedy or the graffiti that speak of the ancient times of the plague; of the majesty of Cà Balbi, built out of spite, and of the fussiness of the “House of Desdemona”, of the palace with a curse and the dome without a church; of the Rialto bridge, and the bridge of the Constitution.

  • Book author: Alberto Toso Fei
  • Book title: The secrets of the Grand Canal
  • Available language: english/italian
  • Book price: euro 18,50