“Everyone knows that while in Venice you travel by foot or boat. And yet, in ancient times when there were wooden bridges without steps and the campi (squares) were full of vegetation; in Venice travel was done by horse. (…) There were even tournaments in piazza San Marco (…). Participants numbered in the hundreds! For example in 1413, during the local elections of Tommaso Mocenigo, when seventy thousand spectators assisted a horse tournament of 460 duelers, including the marhcesi di Mantova and Ferrara. The horses would even be colored! Of great stylistic appeal was to paint the horses orange which would undoubtedly render them very visible during the cavalcades. This orange dye was prepared from a plant grown on the islands of Cypress. Venetian horse during the times of the Romans were known with the name “azzurri” or blue, because their mantels were of that color. The empire would use these horses in all their functions, and they were regarded as unbeatable”. (Alberto Toso Fei, Misteri di Venezia, Milan 2012)

A story which unveils an unimaginable Venice, almost fantastical, which only leaves one’s imagination to summon images of horses of orange and blue that glopped trough the streets of Venice.

It is precisely this hidden and secret image of Venice that we wish to convey and the reason we have chosen the colors of these ancient steeds for our company. Although the horses are a symbol of a city that in ways no longer exists, there exists a history which can still be told and uncovered with the knowledge and skill of our guides.


Our Colors